Epistane is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivative and has similar properties to epitiostanol.



  • Dry and hard muscle look
  • Boosts athletic stamina
  • Helps cut down undesirable fat
  • Can improve health and libido
  • Ability to enhance quality gains and lean muscle mass volume

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It is taken orally and it combines to androgen receptors that are situated in muscle tissues and skeletal muscle cells. It causes androgen receptors to send messages to cells to cause nitrogen and protein synthesis. This improves muscle quality and bulk. Epistane is a C17-alpha alkylated reduced compound of epitiostane. This compound is hostile to estrogen impacts and has little capacity to aromatize. This is why it is essential to remember that this prohormone isn’t suggested for use by ladies for lifting weights purposes.


Japanese clinical specialists in 1966 synthesized a substance called methepitiostane. Synthesized for building up a methylated variant of mepitiostane that can be utilized orally to prevent extreme levels of estrogen the body. Resulting tests branded this product as capable of being an estrogen destroyer and as having huge anabolic and androgenic properties:

This product has a 1100:91 anabolic to androgenic rating which enables dry gains and the building of lean muscle mass. This makes it very important for professional bodybuilders who are preparing for competitions.


An initial dosage of 30 mg is recommended per day. Cycles run for about 6 weeks with an optimum dosage of 45 mg daily. Experienced bodybuilders use upto 60mg every day for about a month and a half. However, post-cycle therapy is essential for safety purposes.

Research chemical only


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