Magnus YK11


4 mg in every capsule

YK11 is considered to be a SARM and has the same effect as myostatin at the same time.

• Inhibition of myostatin
• Favored production of follistatin
• Increased strength
• Hardening of the muscles
• Prevention against baldness

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Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMS) are known for providing the exact same muscle growth as anabolics but they don’t cause the negative side effects. Scientists in Japan are performing experiments on a new SARM called YK11 which should be the most effective of them all.

How YK-11 Works

An initial study states that this rare compound is a SARM. The study was published by Yuichiro Kanno of Toho University in 2011. In spite of that fact most people now believe that YK11 is what’s called a Myostatin Inhibitor.

YK11 affixes itself to androgen receptors, and modulates concrete muscle receptors, while at the same time is able to prevent the well-known negative effect of steroids. SARMS usually have limited androgenic side effects, but also lower anabolic effect when put in comparison with testosterone.

What makes the YK11 special is its ability to work as Myostatin inhibitor. When there is too much myostatin in a body it prevents muscle growth. Inhibiting myostatin can increase your genetical potential and thanks to that you can gain huge muscles. Does it sound too good to be a truth? Don’t worry YK11 was tested on muscle cells and it’s scientifically proven.

Dosing Guidelines

It is recommended to use between 2 and 5mg, twice a day. As in any case always start low to assess body tolerance and then build the way up to higher dosing.

YK11 is a very strong SARM that shouldn’t be taken frivolously. However, even at 30mg people have said that they didn’t feel any negative side effects.


This Sarm is a very promising and strong muscle building SARM. It is a modern SARM which is currently being tested and looks very promising. As a myostatin inhibitor, there is no problem when used in combination with other SARMs. The only downside is the fact that it’s never been tested on a human.

We can still learn a lot about this SARM. Our opinion may change when more research is done.
If you have any experience with YK11, let me know in the reviews section what you think!

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