Ostarine MK-2866


10 mg in every capsule

Ostarine or MK 2866, as it is chemically known stimulates the effects of anabolic steroids without causing significant side-effects. It is a bodybuilding must-have.


  • It has anabolic properties and reduces catabolic breakdown of muscle tissue
  • Muscle recovery boosted
  • Bone thickness, tendon and ligament health greatly improved
  • Fat loss
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MK 2866 stimulates the effects of anabolic steroids, and is generally safe to use. It works on the androgen receptor modulators. It was synthesized by GTX to help ease osteoporosis in patients. It reduces muscle loss and is responsible for improving stamina and lean muscle mass density.

How does MK 2866 function in the body?

Ostarine combines to muscle receptors thus causing anabolic reactions. This results in reduced muscle wasting, lean muscle mass growth and fat reduction.

Muscle fatigues and injuries can be treated. It has a similar method of action as that of anabolic steroids, however it is beneficial in the sense that its combined form cannot be converted to DHT or estrogen.

An increase of 1 – 3 kg in lean muscle mass is quite common during the initial stages. Results can be observed within 3 weeks of usage.


For men – 20 – 30 mg

For women – 10 mg

50 mg has been said to be the optimum dosage for bodybuilding competitions. 20 mg seems to be the popular choice for many. This product can be used for both bulking and cutting.

For bulking –20 – 30 mg per day for a period of 4.5 months

For cutting –10 – 20 mg per day for 4.5 months

Body reconstruction and re-piece – Diet is of paramount importance and should consist of a minimum of 30 % of protein. A dosage of 10 mg to 20 mg for 4.5 months is recommended.

Side effects of the product

No negative side effects haven’t been observed in human or animal test subjects even after extensive scientific trials.

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