Magnus S-23


10 mg in every capsule

S-23 is great SARM for:

  • Gaining lean mass
  • Increased strength
  • Hardening of the muscles
  • Increase of skeletal muscles
  • Loosing body fat

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How Magnus S-23 works

SARM or Selective androgen receptor modulators are well known for their capability of gaining lean muscle mass. They have great anabolic effect without negative side effect and Magnus S-23 is one of the best.

Several studies proved that S23 SARM is great supplement with high anabolic activity. Studies also proved that S-23 increases not only muscle mass but skeletal mass as well, increases strength and helps to reduce body fat.

It has very strong anti-catabolic effect. It also reduce water retention in the body, draws water from muscles so it can flush out excess insulin and lactic acid.

This SARM is related to S-4 Andarine,  we can say that S-23 is stronger version of Andarine. We consider it one of the strongest SARM on current market.


Dosing Guidelines

Dose contains 100 capsules and each capsule contains 10mg.

We recommended to use 2-5 capsules per day (20-50mg) in 6-12 week cycle. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water

S-23 is a strong SARM so we would not recommend exceeding this dosing guidelines. Although standard cycle is up to 12 weeks there were no negative side effects discovered during trials that took up to 12months.



If you are looking for great muscle hardening, gaining lean muscle mass, increasing strength and loosing fat than this SARM is great choice. We can recommend S-23 while you are on diet as it will make you feel energized and generally good. As it is very strong SARM you can expect fast results, already in two weeks you can see visible gains.

We recommend to do use PCT after cycle.

Research chemical only




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