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GW 501516 or Endurobol also called Cardarine improves athletic stamina which is essential for lifting heavy weights.


  • Improves muscle volume and decreases body fat
  • Stamina improved
  • Reduced recovery times
  • Atherosclerosis in old age is prevented
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GW501516 was formulated to cure and prevent prostate tumors or growths in the colon. Endurobol and other PPAR agonists have been shown by clinical trials to improve metabolism and digestion. It reduces the risk of diabetes and lowers body fat gain by acting on the genetic receptors in the body.

All of the above reduces recovery time after lifting heavy weights and also improves endurance. It doesn’t have any side-effects on the body. This makes it extremely well-loved in the fitness world.


How does Endurobol work?

GW501516 functions as a SARM, while chemically being a PPAR agonist. Endurobol focuses on the androgen receptors in the body that controls glucose absorption and the building of skeletal tissue and muscle fibres. This brings about fatty acid oxidation and their subsequent breakdown to bring down body fat.

Phase II trials have shown GW501516 to enhace the HDL levels in the body by over 80%! HDL is normally called the „good cholesterol”. It sinks the level LDL which is the harmful cholesterol present in the body.

Its advantageous effects while having minimal side effects have been confirmed time and again. This is what makes Endurobol so popular in the bodybuilding world.

Lean increase in muscle fibres and shorter recuperation times even after lifting heavy weights has been shown after the usage of this product. Its main function is to improve health and well-being of bodybuilders and powerlifters while reducing the risk of side-effects.

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