Cutting Combo Pack


The cutting phase is the most important time of the year in bodybuilding. This is the time when bodybuilders reduce the fat that they accumulated during the bulking phase and also bring down the water retention. This is done to ensure a lean and dry look, where every muscle fiber is visible. The combo cutting pack contains 3 very effective products for this purpose.

  • Cut your body fat
  • Get lean muscle mass
  • Increase Testosterone
  • Develop strength
  • Protect your body

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Cutting Combo pack

Cutting combo pack is a combination of SARMs, prohormones and PCTs that was meant for serious athletes who wanted to reach the peak of their athletic performance. This product package was meant especially for the cutting phase and contains Andarine, Ripped and Tudca. Let us take a look at each of them.

What is in Cutting Combo?


Andarine has the codename S4 and it was developed for the medical industry, however its beneficial effects were observed on bodybuilders rather quickly. It cuts down body fat rapidly and increases muscle strength and mass. Thus we believe it is perfect element of our Cutting combo pack.

There are 3 compounds that react with androgen receptors. The first is an AR antagonist that attaches to the receptor and doesn’t let it activate. Secondly, an AR Agonist binds to the receptor and breaks down, this process repeats itself. Lastly, an AR Modulator connects to the AR. This enables selective anabolic activity in the body. This results in enhanced protein synthesis, which promotes muscle growth. Side-effects are also minimal.


Ripped is great supplement for getting you strong and lean at the same time. Great combinations of selected prohormones that will increase your muscle development, increase strength, boost Testosterone level and lower your body fat. Another great fit for our cutting combo pack.

Ripped will ensure that your performance will get proper boost, it will reduce water retention and reduces muscle fatigue.

Let’s take a look at the components of Ripped:

  • Halodrol: This substance delivers pure muscle gain and also helps big way to increase muscle strenght.
  • Tranavar: Bodybuilding must-have prohormone that brings strength, mass and size gains.
  • Adrenosterone: Main effect of Adrenosterone is to lower your cortisol level. Cortisol is the main catabolic hormone – muscle eater and it also leads to fat gains. Also Cortisol lower the level of Testosterone. So by lowering Cortisol level you will also get lean mass gain and lower your body fat.


Last member of our Cutting combo pack is Tudca(Tauroursodeoxycholic acid). Tudca is used in treating cholestasi because it is a water soluble bile acid that can neutralize the effects of other harmful bile acids in the body. It also has a protective effect on the liver and has some other beneficial effects which include:

  • Minimizes harmful effects of steroids by improving health
  • Protects the liver by getting rid of toxic metabolite waste

Tudca reduces stress to the cellular endoplasmic reticulum. This has several beneficial metabolic effects such as reducing insulin resistance. This reduces the risk of diabetes. It is also a neurological protecting compound. It is most commonly used in Post Cycle Therapies and is a must for any serious bodybuilder or powerlifter.

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