Get fuller looking, well-defined and toned muscles with Cutter.


  • Acts as a stimulant for pre-workout
  • Concentration and mental alertness are improved significantly
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and improves recovery time
  • Water retention is minimal

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An interesting fact is that there are more people that want to lose weight than there are people who want to gain lean muscle mass (by reducing body fat%). Cutter was developed to aid weight loss along with fuller looking and well-toned muscle volume growth. This is done with almost no water retention. This avoids the ‘puffy’ look.

Getting a ripped physique is everyone’s dream. Prohormones have positive effects on muscle growth, increasing testosterone levels, improving strength and also endurance, in spite of being relatively new on the market. They are especially beneficial when combined with diuretics and stimulants like Coffein and Taurine.


CUTTER components and ingredients:

  • Epistane: Facilitates muscle gain with a dry look. It also improves endurance, while reducing body fat %. This has a positive effect on libido secretion. All of the above factors combined are responsible for improving lean muscle mass along with reduced body fat, every bodybuilder’s dream.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine is a diuretic which reduces the urge for frequent eating. It also stimulates thermogenesis – the process of generating heat after digestion. It has athletic benefits too: 15 out of 17 studies proved caffeine to positively impact exercise performance. 9 out of 11 studies showed caffeine to have benefits during resistance training.
  • Taurine: An amino acid that reduces risk of diseases and improves athletic performance. It also aids weight loss by increasing the use of fat for fuel. A study showed that 1.66 grams of taurine increased fat burning by 16% in cyclists.

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