Advanced PCT


This supplement contains Tribulus Terrestris, Saw Palmetto and 7-Methoxyflavone. The cycle can be done with minimal side-effects and it minimizes the impact of other substances that affect the hormonal balance of the body.



  • Reduces reactions during cycling with other compounds
  • Supports liver health
  • Reduces water retention and the ‘puffy’ look
  • Improves stamina and health during a cycle
  • Protects the prostate
  • Quality of muscle mass improved
  • Increases libido and training stamina
  • Stimulates testosterone secretion

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Saw palmetto is used in the treatment of prostate hypertrophy. Its fundamental activity is to prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This brings about a decrease in the number of side effects. This includes straining and expansion of urinary tract muscles, hyperemia of bladder, etc. In addition, they show diuretic properties and also improves the sex drive.

Saw palmetto products improves blood circulation and reduces tissue pain. It also aids in the recovery of the epithelia and muscle. It is also responsible for restoring the cell membrane and endothelium.


Tribulus terrestris containing 90% saponins

It is a plant used to build muscle quality and improve physical wellness. It is likewise known as a sexual enhancer. When ingested, the protodioscine contained in Tribulus experiences change to dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a compound that is synthesized before testosterone. The increased levels of DHEA in the circulation system improves stamina and sexual ability. This active ingredient is suggested for experts as well novice powerlifters.


7-Methoxyflavone is considered as the ideal anabolic catalyst that offers several advantages, for example, growth of lean muscle mass without exhibiting the symptoms of anabolic steroids. Otherwise called 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone, Methoxyflavone has the chemical formula C16H12O3. It improves the level of potassium, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorous in the body. This makes it highly anabolic.

Its advantages include a reduction of obesity, improved alertness and mental function, lowered level of cholesterol and increase in bone density and strength. It is also an estrogen inhibitor. This makes it an excellent supplement for powerlifters. It is favorably viewed because it reinforces bone density and improves ligament elasticity to minimize wear and tear. It also has a positive effect on the digestive system.


Official recommendation states using 4-6 capsules of Advanced PCT a day. Take 6 capsules a day the first week of the cycle and then 3 capsules a day. Best way is to take it after meal.

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