HGH 176-191


5mg of active substance

One of the most effective fat burners. This is a chain of amino acids that appear in human growth hormone at positions 176-191 (calculated from the C-end).


  • lipolysis, i.e. fat burning
  • reduces lipogenesis
  • increases IGF-1 levels
  • anabolic effect
  • strengthening of bone tissue
  • acceleration of metabolism
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HGH – Human Growth Hormone Fragment 176-191 5 mg

Its structure is based on somatotropin, i.e. human growth hormone. It copies the sequence of amino acids found in the somatotropin located in positions 176-191 (calculated from the C-end). It is this part of the somatotropin that is responsible for fat burning. This synthetic fragment thus mimics the effect of hGH. However, it has several advantages over hGH. It is up to 12.5 times more potent than hGH and can also break down the stationary fat layer of the abdomen. It also prevents lipogenesis, preventing the “yoyo-effect” i.e. the re-formation of a fat layer after burning of excess fatty deposits. In a long-term use, it increases levels of the IGF-1 hormone in the blood, thereby inducing anabolic effects, promoting muscle growth and regeneration. It does not cause hypoglycaemia and does not affect insulin regulation. It does not cause cell proliferation and organ hyperplasia.



The manufacturer recommends that the researcher administers 1,000 micrograms, divided into three uniform doses per day. For example, 300 micrograms in the morning before a meal, 300 micrograms before lunchtime and 400 micrograms before sleep. The individual doses should be administered on an empty stomach, there should be an interval of six hours between applications. The subject should not eat for at least 30 minutes after each application. The injection is administered subcutaneously or into a muscle.

The stated product weight is the amount of the active substance.


Side effects

Known side effects include a possible skin irritation at the site of application.


This product is for research purposes only.
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