Melanotan-2 is a peptide hormone that increases skin tan. 

10mg Melanotan-2

Main benefits

  • effective browning and tanning of skin exposed to UV rays
  • skin cancer prevention
  • increased libido
  • creates and suppresses appetite – weight loss

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Melanotan-2 is a synthetic melanocortin peptide hormone. It increases skin tan by stimulating melanocytes to produce the protective pigment melanin. Melanin protects the skin from sunburn and other harmful effects of sunlight or solarium. At the same time, it boosts libido and improves the sexual function of both men and women. In addition, Melanotan-2 reduces your appetite, so it helps you lose weight.



The beginnings of the production of Melanotan-2 are attributed to the University of Arizona. The best protection against skin cancer is sufficient activity of melanin in the cells. Based on this knowledge, the researchers proposed the most effective solution to stimulate natural pigmentation to create a protective browning of the skin from the effects of UV rays. The naturally occurring hormone α-MSH causes melanogenesis – the process when melanocytes produce melanin. However, the half-life of the natural hormone α-MSH is too short to be used as a therapeutic agent. So they decided to find a stronger and more stable alternative that would be applicable in practice and meet the required criteria. The result was Melanotan-2 used not only to stimulate tanning, but also as a means of preventing melanoma – skin cancer.



The recommended daily dose of Melanotan-2 is 10 mcg per 1 kg body weight. One ampoule containing 10 mg of active substance is diluted with 2 ml of sterile water. To speed up the effect, it is recommended to sunbathe 3 times a week (in the sun, solarium). The results appear within 1-3 weeks. Melanotan-2 is first taken every day, after reaching the desired shade of skin tan, the dosage is reduced to once to twice a week.

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