AICAR acts as a cellular energy modulator. It accelerates the metabolism of sugars and fats, thus increasing the concentration of ATP in your cells and changing your lipid profile. Increases endurance and performance in the extreme.

50mg of active substance


  • increased endurance and fortitude
  • increased performance
  • accelerated metabolism
  • helps burn fat
  • improved lipid profile
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AICAR is an adenosine analog. Like adenosine, it stimulates the activity of AMPK, an enzyme that regulates the metabolism of fats and sugars. AMPK is normally activated when there is a lack of ATP in cells, such as physical exertion, and its activation signals more fat to be burned and the release of the energy gained into cells. The pharmacological activation of AMPK by AICAR in cells mimics muscle exertion, thus increasing the available energy in your cells. It increases physical endurance and helps burn fat, thus maintaining an optimal lipid profile even without regular physical activity.


The manufacturer recommends that the research subject be administered 50-100 mg three times a week for four weeks.


Possible side effects

Side effects most often occur if the recommended daily dose is exceeded or the correct intake of quality nutrients is not observed.


Possible side effects are the following:


Neurodegenerative effects

Inhibition of cell proliferation

Metabolic disorders


If side effects occur, try reducing the daily dose, increasing your amount of sleep, increasing your fluid intake, and most importantly increasing your intake of quality nutrients.

This product is for research purposes only.

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